Monday, June 8, 2009

Memorial Day Reenactment Pictures

Currently we live on the grounds of a historic estate, in the carriage house. Each year for Memorial Day a Civil War reenactment is held right on the front lawns of the mansion. This year we were able to convince our wonderful neighbors, Josh and Kirsten to tag along with us. Josh is a very talented photographer and captured pictures of Vince, Kirsten, and I in costume.

You can check out pictures of our weekend HERE.
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  1. It's kinda funny, but I've been following your blog and just now realized that we are also Facebook friends, and I never connected that before!

  2. Yes, I thought that we were facebook friends! I love that white and blue sheer ballgown that you wore to the Fort Wayne ball! It's fun to see your civil war reenacting pictures on facebook. I'm always inspired by seeing other authentic reenactors. Otherwise I go to events and think I'm the only one that cares about what they actually wore in that era! :)