Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finished Stays

The Green Linen Stays are Completed!

The top fabric is a Green Linen and the lining a Black and White Striped Linen. There is one layer of Canvas. The channels were sewn to the Green Linen and Canvas by machine and the reed and metal stays inserted. The eyelet holes were then sewn by hand using an awl. It really was easier than you would expect. The Lining was then pinned and tacked in place, and the 3/4" Ivory Leather Strips (Cut from a thrifted skirt) were sewn by hand around the edges. This was the hardest part. I found it difficult to get the leather to lie flat without puckering. I thought the leather was light enough because it was a garment weight leather, but maybe a kid leather would have been slightly more easy to sew with. This last step definitely requires the use of a thimble. ;)

More info on the stays in my earlier post about sewing them!
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  1. I love it :-) When I made my stays I thought the sewing of the boning chanels would be the hardest. Oh no, it was definately the binding. Those curves are so hard to keep smooth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are really lovely, Lindsey! You did a GREAT job!