Sunday, August 30, 2009

1860 Corset Research Links

It's Official: I've started a new project!

I've wanted to make two new corsets for awhile and now I'm finally starting! I'd like a new coutil corset based off of my Beth Miller corset (she's my hero!), and also a silk 1860s corset. So, I thought I'd do a little more research on Silk Corsets of the 1860s.

The Blue Ribbed Silk Corset above is from approximately 1851-1860. Isn't the color stunning? I still have to determine the color I want to make mine, but this blue sure is pretty!

Here are a few more Inspiring Research Links for 1860 Corsets:

Antique Corset Gallery

c.1864 Blue Silk Corset
V&A Museum

19th Century Fashions: A Compendium

Have you seen any other links with 1860s Silk Corset pictures or research?

Update: Well, after a hard day's work at revamping my corset pattern I was able to cut out the coutil for my two corsets tonight! And, I ordered some royal blue silk on Etsy for the silk corset! I'm so glad to have another Civil War era project underway.

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  1. I love the V&A corset! The other one is little scary- maybe because my own body is so far from that shape :-P

  2. More information is stored here:

  3. We can use your help:

    Is always looking for new photos and information about real antique corset(s)