Monday, November 30, 2009

Civil War Evening Hairstyles

Headdress created with sheer organza flowers (I love these!), sparkling berries, satin leaevs, pearls, and hand made orange silk rose buds (it's easier than you'd think!). The millinery wire was shaped to the head and wrapped with ribbon.

I find Sausage Curls really easy to make with my thick curly hair. A hot curling iron is crucial (I learned this recently!). I use Revlon curling irons and set them to the highest temperature. To create this hairstyle I usually divide the top of my hair that will be rolled at the sides from the hair that will be sausage curled. I part my hair in the center and roll each side, securing the roll with hair pins. I then secure the back of the hair with hair pins. Either splitting the hair into sections, twisting, and forming a chignon, or curling the hair. Okay, I'll admit, sometimes I hide a hair band under there.

To form the sausage curls I grab a large section of hair to curl. Usually I trim the ends of the hair (but I also cut my own hair, so if you're classy and go to a salon you're probably thinking I'm crazy!). Then, with the Revlon curling iron preheated to the highest temperature, I curl the hair. Usually I just spray with hairspray when I'm finished. I've found that this method works the best for me. But if you have less curly hair to begin with you may need to use a few more products to get the same results.

Vintage beaded clip on earrings and a brooch were added to the hairstyle to replicate a hairstyle seen in a period magazine. These charms were secured in the hair with bobbi pins.
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