Monday, November 30, 2009

Civil War Evening Hairstyles

This was prior to learning that my hair could make its own sausage curls. Fake hair. This hair comb was created by box pleating ribbon and attaching it to a large hair comb. Ribbon a cording were used to create the decoration on top of the pleated ribbon. This was made to replicate a period magazine illustration. Two tone ribbons like this have been seen on originals.

Pearl beaded hair comb. I just had to try it. Unfortunately for me, right after I made this without directions an article was published in a modern civil war reenacting magazine with directions. Ugh. And I was trying to be ahead of the game in our reenacting circle. :)

A seperate hair comb is attached at the side with flowers and leaves wired to it. The front of the hair also has a hair comb with flowers and leaves. Based off of a period illustration.
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