Sunday, January 31, 2010

1930s Evening Gown

Currently I'm busy working on sewing a glamorous 1930s evening dress. The pattern was draped for one of my college classes from the above dress sketch. The sketch is from the book "Practical Dress Design" by Mabel Erwin. Probably a 1930s or 40s edition. I chose a burgandy satin for the fabric. I had originally planned on using a perriwinkle silk satin, but the perriwinkle color didn't look that fantastic on me, so I decided to go with the burgandy even though it's not silk. The color reminds me of the stunning 30s dress worn by Kiera Knightley in the Chanel ad.

So far the trickiest part has been those godets on the front of the dress. I think I finally got them to have perfect points! Almost finished!
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  1. What a beautiful pattern - it sounds divine! I like the gathering from the back waist - will it fall into a train?

  2. Yes, a nice long train! I also added a large godet at the back skirt to add even more fullness to the train.