Thursday, February 4, 2010

1860s Hoopskirt

You probably don't know, but I first began my historical reproduction clothing business around 2003. I was seeking summer employment, and rather than work at some dead end job, I decided to put my skills to use making Cage Crinolines to sell. For me, making Cage Crinolines was right up my alley - using the drill, hammer, and anvil (although not all at once!).

I've been itching to try my hand at making a hoopskirt for some time. I've loved the colorful original hoopskirts of the 1860s. The above white and purple hoopskirt is from the book "Fashion," and the below illustration is from the book "Costume in Detail."

I'm very excited that I'll soon be able to offer 1860s hoopskirts for sale. I have two styles in mind. One will have many rows of boning while the other will have about half as many - more economical. I may want to make a third style, too! Can you tell I'm just crazy about hoopskirts?

Right now I'm working on a deep red cotton hoopskirt to replace my cage crinoline. The circumference will be 108". The fabric was purchased at JoAnn Fabrics in the Bottomweights section. I would have liked to find a striped material but there was nothing available at the time. There were, however, some very beautiful jewel toned fabrics in the Bottomweights section that seemed the perfect weight.

So far I've sewn the fabric of the hoopskirt together and sewn all the rows of prussian tape into the hoopskirt. Next I'll add the waistband, finish the hem, and add the boning. I'd like to hem the bottom in a waved style like the hoopskirt above. The hoopskirt below has a band of black velvet around the bottom which is also very pretty.

Original hoopskirt in brilliant Red Flannel.
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  1. Keep sewing and hammering away (metaphorically speaking) at the cage crinoline! I've had the chance to help a friend make one and it's NO easy task! I've seen repros of striped orange/white & red/white, and they're just like originals! Good luck with selling them, I'm sure there will be those willing to buy! :)