Sunday, March 21, 2010

And...She's In!

Congratulations, Lindsey, for being accepted to Carnegie Mellon University's inaugural class for its Costume Production Master's of Fine Arts program! Lindsey interviewed and was offered admission on the spot back in February, and she's sending in her formal acceptance this week. Classes begin this fall, and if all goes well, we'll both graduate (I'm studying at CMU also for a PhD in operations management) together in 2013.

Besides the awesome set of costumes Lindsey from the early 1800s through the 1930s, I'm guessing Lindsey's costume designs at Penn State testified to her skill. During her junior year, she worked with a talented grad student director Matt Toronto on a production of _Cabaret_. He mentioned how he had very modest ambitions for the costumes in this production, which was basically a grad student workshop. However, he was blown away by working with Lindsey and all her ideas from researching Weimar Republic Germany and its disturbing cabaret underworld. Lindsey and Matt developed an artistic vision for the costumes (that really helped make the show), and Lindsey executed it with a ~$250 budget. Here's a clip from that production:

Anyway, this is a very exciting opportunity for Lindsey, who will now have three years to learn from very talented costume designers and construction experts at one of the elite theater programs on the East Coast. (I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all the shows.) Stay tuned this fall for Lindsey to begin sharing a whole different set of experiences, with hopefully many tie-ins to historical costumes...

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