Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simplicity 7216 Hoopskirt

Here is the completed Simplicity 7216 Hoopskirt. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

This is made from a JoAnns Bottomweight Cotton - a nice weight for this project with a tight weave.

I made the larger of the two hoopskirts. I shortened the length by two rows of hooping, so the largest hoop is a little less than 108".

To add a little interest I scalloped the bottom edge of the hoopskirt like I had seen on an original. I cut the scalloped edge by hand and finished the edges using a satin stitch on my sewing machine.

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  1. Lindsey- This shape would be correct for the later 1860s, yes? Say, 1865-9ish? How much did it cost you in materials?

  2. Yes, this shape could work for the later 1860s, although I think by 1869 the shape of the hoop was a little flatter at the back. The shape can be adjusted slightly, too, to be more of a early-mid 1860s bell shape. A piece of fabric is sewn into the hoopskirt, sort of like the ties in the Truly Victorian hoopskirt here:
    This pushes the back of the hoopskirt out, depending on how tightly the lacing is pulled.

    The materials were pretty expensive since there are so many rows of hooping. For the hoop boning (2 rolls if you make the hoop two rows of boning shorter) and Prussian Tape for the bone casings, plus various other supplies (hook and eye tape, lacing, etc.) you'll spend about $80, plus S&H. Then the cost of the fabric. So the supplies will cost around $100.

  3. That is wonderful. I've had that pattern sitting in my cabinet for years now. How would you rate the ease it went together? How is behaving while wearing it? Thank you for sharing!

  4. The hoopskirt was very easy to put together since you are mainly just sewing rows of bone casing in...lots of straight lines. I think that it is a beautiful hoop, but I did not like the shape of it when it was finished and I have never worn it to an event. It has a very pronounced back thrust and is flat in the front. I prefer something that is a bit more dome shaped with a slight back the Originals-By-Kay Cage Crinoline. It also felt very heavy while on compared to the Originals-By-Kay Cage Crinoline which has fewer hoops and no fabric. I have had that cage crinoline since I started reenacting (around 2001) and it has held up remarkably well.