Monday, April 19, 2010

c.1810-20 Corded Stays

Early 19th Century Corded Stays, 'Revolution in Fashion', p. 103

One of my current projects is a pair of c1810-20s Corded Stays similar to the above pair from the book 'Revolution in Fashion'. I thought that it would be useful to compile a list of patterns and sites that I've browsed while gathering inspiration and techniques for this project.

'Period Costumes for Stage and Screen' Book - Contains a Graphed Pattern & Instructions
Past Patterns #001 1830-40 Stays (View B is appropriate for c.1810-20)
Mantua Maker 1800-1820 Regency Stays Pattern

c.1804 Empire Stays by Jenny La Fleur

Nehelenia Patterns - They carry a variety of busks for this style of corset - Great selection of high-quality Coutil

*More Links to Come!
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  1. I love this style of stays, thanks for the links! It's neat that you can find them on etsy now. Used to be they were hard to purchase without going to a specialized custom corsetmaker. I went on my own adventure making some last summer: (My site went down in February and I had to move it, so if you would change the link on your sidebar, I would be much obliged!!)

  2. Hi Gloria! Thanks for the link to the pictures of your corded stays - they're beautiful! I updated your link on the sidebar, too. I'm glad you told me, I always click on my own sidebar links to catch up on blogs, so I've probably missed quite a few of your posts. I'll definitely go back and read the posts that I missed! :)

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for posting them. Your blog is really great.