Friday, May 28, 2010

Fancy Dress Costume

I didn't take any 'in-process' shots of my Marie Antoinette costume. Usually I don't bother to take process shots because when I read other people's blogs I mainly just like to see the finished product and not the process. BUT, I'd be happy to post process shots in the future if there is an interest in them. Are you interested in seeing process shots of my costumes (or would you rather just see the finished product)?

Here were a few images of Fancy Dress Costume from the 1860s that inspired my Marie Antoinette Costume. I'd love to make my dress much more elaborate like these dresses for the next Fancy Dress event I attend - whenever that may be. :)

I had considered making a long silk cape-like garment like this with fur trim to wear with my dress, but since it was Spring, I didn't think that the fur would look appropriate. I didn't get my mask finished either.

I love her hair. I wonder if she's wearing false hair - the front of her hair looks awfully light compared to the sausage curls.
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  1. The Pennsylvania Turnpike traffic cameras might have some in-process shots if you really need them :)

  2. I like to see parts of the gown, like with it separated, instead of all on you. Sometimes it's hard to see the details.
    Your gown is really fabulous.

  3. Val, I'll try to take more pictures like that in the future. :) Thanks for your input!

  4. I would like to see step-by-step construction of your costumes. They are incredible and I learn from them. Thanks for posting them.