Monday, May 17, 2010

The Leopard Costume 2

Here's another costume from the movie 'The Leopard' from 1963.

This dress is a grey-blue wool with rows of blue velvet trim. I love the bodice trim! Why don't movie costumes look this good nowadays?

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  1. What a great dress. I'm not sure about the bodice lines though - it seems a bit odd to have them run right over the bust. I do love the detailing on the sleeve caps of the similar one.

    And I think there are plenty of great costumes in modern films - I'm a firm believer in the infinite possibilities for great dresses!

  2. OMG I saw that movie last year. How I would love to find and rob the imaginary warehouse where all those costumes are being stored. The plot IS very dry, though I loved the part where the father is telling the priest how even though he and his wife have several kids, she is "so Catholic" that he has never seen her fully undressed, LOL!

  3. I hate to say this but I actually like some of the hairstyles in "Gone With The Wind", particularly, Mrs. O'Hara, Melody, and during the first mourning scenes.

  4. Audrey, you're right! Melony's hair always looks beautiful! Some of her outfits don't seem too farby least compared to some of the other clothing in the movie!