Monday, May 10, 2010

Silk Faille Dress c1887-89

Silk Faille Dress c.1887-89, Shippensburg University Fashion Archives.

Today my mother and I drove to the Shippensburg University Fashion Archives. We had a marvelous time looking at displayed originals from the University's extensive collection of historical clothing. The exhibit was entitled, "Nineteenth-Century Costume Treasures of the Fashion Archives and Museum 1800-1900," and runs until December 2010.

Can't make it to the exhibit? Check out the Exhibit Catalog at the website Gift Shop.

My favorite costume on display was this original Silk Faille Dress from c.1887-89. The color is a beautiful grey-champagne with black velvet trim. I would love to reproduce this darling dress if I have the opportunity to attend another 1888 Immersion Event (like the one I attended several years ago in Gettysburg).

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  1. WOW, that's a really interesting dress! Very steampunky! Okay, you've inspired me! /saves all these photos in her inspiration folder/

  2. What a lovely piece. Thank you for pointing out this exhibit. I've already ordered the catalog. Maybe I will have a chance to see it in person this summer. I'm planning on taking a road trip through

  3. whoops, didn't finish my comment before I hit send...

    I'm planning on taking a road trip through the DC/DE/MD/Philly area this summer.

  4. You're right, it is very "steampunk" - I didn't see that at first. :)

    Gloria, hope you enjoy you're trip to the area! I love the Philadelphia art museum - they sometimes have some great historical fashion displays.

  5. Well isn't that dress just lovely!
    What does "steampunk" mean?
    I've only just lately herd that phrase
    and can't figurer out what it means.
    Thank ya'll for explaining!

  6. Hi Bonnie, There's a great little paragraph about the "Steampunk" style on Wikipedia:
    It's an interesting style, especially when it influences stage or film costumes.