Sunday, October 17, 2010

Impression Sunrise Assignment

"Impression Sunrise" by Monet

One of our Costume Design class assignments with Susan Tsu is to design costumes based on an Impressionist painting. I chose "Impression Sunrise" by Monet. I'll be designing one male and one female ballet costume based on the painting. I've always loved this painting with all of it's lovely colors that so closely mimic the real colors of a sunrise.
Part of the assignment was a copy project - to paint a segment of the image in watercolors. Of course, I chose the whole middle section of the painting because of it's lovely details, but it took me forever to reproduce!
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  1. I am hoping you will provide photos of your creation(s)...

  2. Good luck with it! I hope you'll post a photo of your creation.

  3. I think the copy project turned out pretty well! I'll be sure to take pictures of it to share as soon as I get it back from my teacher. I need to take some pictures of my last design project to share with you, too!