Sunday, November 7, 2010

1795-1805 Silk Dress

For my mother's birthday earlier this fall I made a blue silk 1795-1805 dress for her to wear when she volunteers at Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA. The blue silk was the perfect shade for her - she loves blue. She really loved the gift and I think that it looks very beautiful on her. Here she is wearing it at Rock Ford.
The dress was made from a pattern that I created several years ago based off of an original garment from Pennsylvania. This style was popular in this era of transition into the higher waistline and more diaphanous fabrics.

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  1. absolutely STUNNING! This is NOT an easy style to pull off, and you've done it fantastically!

  2. Such lovely gown and the colour is fantastic!

  3. Lindsey... I am speechless! That is so beautiful! Your Mother looks simply wonderful in that! The color suits her real well, and I just love the headband with the plume! So tasteful! I bet your Mother had a splendid time wearing that awesome creation!

  4. She looks FANTASTIC! I love the colour: petrol blue is becoming my favourite shade. I wish I could steal the dress right off her!

    What kind of silk is the dress made from?

  5. The silk is actually a very nice silk dupioni that I found out JoAnns - of all places! There are virtually no slubs in the silk, so it looks like a silk taffeta. We have a very large JoAnns near us and it has a nice selection of silks in the bridal section and also in the home dec fabric section.

    I LOVE this shade of blue, too! As soon as I saw the fabric while browsing at JoAnns I knew that I had to make my mother a dress out of it because she also loves this shade of blue!