Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1920s Images

A few more favorite 1920s images from the research that I've done for my Dance Light designs.

Isn't this red dress stunning?

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  1. Thank you for posting that red dress. I'm bookmarking that one. I do costumes for my kids and myself for historical eras we study in homeschool. I'd love to try to recreate that dress!

  2. I don't know if you recall the comment I made on this blog on Sept. 1 about my wearing original clothing...out of the want to wear something beautiful...? I had a black silk velvet dress from the 1920s, cut on the bias at the bottom much like the lovely red dress shown here...I loved that dress, I love the ease of movement, the cut of the dress on my figure, the drape of the fabric. Can't wait to see the outcome of this project.

  3. Audrey, do you still have that black silk velvet dress? Maybe you could make a pattern from it and remake it in other fabrics if you do. That way you could wear it for less formal occasions - like to church. :)

  4. Oh heck no, my dear. I wish I did, I really loved that dress. In one of my many many moves, it got either left behind or someone else liked it too.