Friday, February 11, 2011

Draped 1930s Dress

In Draping class our last project was to drape a 1930s dress from a research image (that I will post a picture of soon). My dress had a cowl neckline that proved difficult to drape. The challenge was in getting enough room at the shoulder for the arm to raise.

I'm hoping to make a dress from this pattern in the summer. I'd love to see it become a reality.

The back of the cowl drape would come together at the back, twist and cross to the front where it would be tied at the center front waist.
One of my projects this weekend will be taking this from the dress form and turning it into a paper pattern. Up next, draping a 1910s dress from a design image.
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  1. oooh i love it!!!
    i hope that i someday can learn draping also!!!!
    greetings marijke

  2. How positively interesting. No wonder those designers on Designers Challenge can come up with often miraculous garments in fourteen hours. So much I don't know....
    Sweet blog ~ glad I found it ~ xox Alexandra