Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Year Down, Two To Go

My first year as a Carnegie Mellon Costume Production student has finally ended...sort of. I'm still making up two projects for Fabric Painting classes. Currently I'm working on screen printing the above image onto cotton fabric. The fabric was dyed light aqua blue and the image will be screen printed in gold and silver fabric printing ink.

Next I will be working on silk painting an image onto about 1 yard of fabric.

I'm also working on several projects for my lovely customers. Working with lots of silk fabrics which makes me very happy! Silk is such a delightful fabric to work with.

I'll work on posting pictures of past projects soon.
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  1. Bravo for making it through your first year. Your fabric design is lovely. Enjoy your summer off!

  2. LOL i was looking for some UTR
    stuff, but im glad i stumbled upon your profile it is awesome :D
    have a good summer off (: