Saturday, March 17, 2012

On Modern Clothing

One of my favorite days of the week is Sundays because it's a chance to wear beautiful clothing. We're fortunate that we go to a very formal church, so I have the opportunity to wear items that I don't get to wear regularly. I try to dress nice normally, but grad school often involves long hours and lots of hands on work, so I also try to dress sensibly. I wear heels semi-regularly, but rarely wear skirts. Usually it's a nice shirt or cardigan, jeans, ballet flats or leather boots, vintage jewelry and my favorite J Crew black wool blazer (I've now expanded my collection, of J Crew blazers so I try to mix it up and wear brighter colors more regularly).

I have always loved clothing. I attribute my love of well made clothing and fine fabrics to the Ann Taylor store. When I was of middle school age, my mother first took me to the Ann Taylor outlet store and I was hooked. We found such lovely, well-made, clothing there and at fabulous prices. I have been a big fan of Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft ever since. It's actually funny, my favorite stores when I was in middle school are still my favorite stores - Goodwill, Ann Taylor, and J Crew. Of course, on a grad student budget, J Crew is a little pricier and I mostly shop consignment stores for their beautiful pieces. I remember visiting there store and flipping through their catalogs way back then, loving every single piece and trying to style my wardrobe similarly.

If there was a fire, and I could only grab one item of clothing it would definitely be my J Crew Black Wool Blazer. That little jacket is amazing. I love it, I do. Their blazers fit excellently and have such beautiful design lines. And I adore the colorful linings and bindings they have on the inside. There's always a fun surprise about even the most formal J Crew jacket.

I've been thinking a lot lately about their quality clothing. I'd like my (historical clothing) business to have similar quality garments. Items that can be counted on for a good fit, beautiful lines, and well made inside and out. Yes, you might spend a little more on it because of the care that went into it's construction and the quality materials, but it will last and hold it's value at that. And you will always look good in it because of the excellent fit and smart design.

So tomorrow I'm looking forward to wearing another outfit made from excellent fabrics with quality construction to church. And yes, I might just reflect on how much I adore well made clothing - again - and peek at how the hem of the skirt is sewn or the fiber content of my blouse.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Skirt: J Crew
Necklace: Vintage

Studying at home in a normal winter weekday outfit.
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  1. You look so lovely. I have always been a big fan of Perry Ellis...the quality of the fabrics and the construction are top shelf...I met him once in 1981 while he was in Macy's I got him to sign my F.I.T. notebook...what a thrill. I also like Ralph Lauren (his early stuff before he sold out), again I admire the artwork of his stuff, but I can NEVER afford his stuff at retail prices. Good to see you, enjoy your spring break.

    ~ Audrey