Monday, July 30, 2012

Finished Regency Spencer Jacket

Finished! I have just completed the reproduction Regency Spencer Jacket that I've been working on recently. This will be worn with the sheer crossover bodice regency dress with Indian Block Print that I finished earlier this summer.

My client found a picture of an original spencer jacket that she asked me to reproduce in different fabrics. I started by draping the bodice pattern on a form in her size. I created a mock-up of the jacket and mailed it to her to try on. The jacket was then created from the pattern. The sleeves were also draped on the form with the use of a padded arm made of muslin and poly-fill.

The jacket is made of deep chocolate brown cotton with a delicate brown stripe and lined in the same lilac silk that is used as trim.

To create the Rouleaux trim, bias strips of the silk were cut and stitched right sides together into a tube. The tube was then turned right sides out so that the seam allowance acted as filling for the Rouleaux. The backside of the trim is then hand stitched onto the jacket.

Jacket Back. Gathered at the center back like the original. The lining inside is fitted at the center back.

Jacket Inside. Hook and Eye Closure.

I also created this reticule to match the dress, basing it off of an original.

Below: Originals Jacket and Reticule were based off of.

Original c.1810 Reticule.

The original spencer that the reproduction was based off of.

Sleeve Detail.

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  1. it looks more like pink and grey on my monitor, but its still a pretty colour combination