Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1860's Silk Wrapper

Having the opportunity to stay in a period house in the country for the weekend has it's advantages. One of them being the opportunity to finally justify the creation of a fancy silk wrapper. I have long adored Victorian wrappers and have collected loads of images of original wrappers. Each wrapper is unique and beautiful, whether made of silk and elaborately trimmed or made of a simple cotton with a fabulously wild print.

I fell in love with the wrapper in the fashion plate below. I love the green color, but I was determined to use fabric that I already owned, so I selected this lovely striped blue silk taffeta. I also happened to have the black silk taffeta on hand, so I used that to trim it.

The pattern was drafted by me, and the wrapper assembled. But it's completion had to be put off until other projects were finished for the weekend, and so I found myself drafting the sleeve and trim patterns and putting together the remaining pieces of the wrapper overnight Friday night. As a result, the trim was not totally completed. I am planning to add a row of trim around the outside of the scallops, and black cuffs to the sleeves. Currently the plan is to trim it in braided fuschia soutache trim. Fuschia seemed to be a common color on wrappers of the period.


The wrapper worn over my newest cotton petticoat.

After finding the fashion plate of this wrapper I stumbled upon this period CDV showing a very similar wrapper, likely inspired by the fashion plate.

Putting the finishing touches on another dress.


The back skirt of the wrapper is cartridge pleated.

I'm very happy with the progress of the wrapper thus far and can't wait to put the finishing touches on it.
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  1. Beautiful!! Love contrast of the pale blue and black and love the settings too!

  2. Oh how pretty! I really love this garment... the fabric and colors, and it's such a nice addition. Very fun to see!

  3. Lovely job! How wonderful to find a photo so similar to the fashion plate! I'm slowly getting back into the 1860s and would love to make a wrapper.