Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fabric Painting: Silk Painting

My most recent project has been photographing my work for my portfolio, so I'll finally be able to share some images of the projects that I've been working on over the past three years at CMU.

You may remember the silk painting that I was working on for Fabric Painting class two years ago (See posts HERE and HERE). This was painted on silk. Gutta was applied first to outline the design. This keeps sections of color from bleeding into one another. Fabric dye was applied like watercolor paint. Winter sidewalk salt was sprinkled on the background after it was painted to create a mottled texture. The salt soaks up the dye in interesting patterns as it dries.
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  1. Wow! This is really beautiful, Lindsey!

  2. Wow you have done very good fabric art I love the orchid flowers very much very nice color combination and perfect painting.
    Best Hospital India

  3. The interplay of blues and purples in this fabric is exquisite!