Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1860s Straw Bonnet Reproduction

      This past weekend my mother and I finished trimming her latest 1860s bonnet for a living history event at Hopewell Furnace in Elverson, PA. The straw bonnet form was created by Beverly Lister. The bonnet trim was inspired by an original bonnet owned by Danielle Perry of Timely Tresses and is featured on page 19 of her book "Fashionable Bonnets." I fell in love with the colors of the original bonnet. An antique lace was used for the bonnet curtain as well as trim on the outside and inside of the bonnet. Blue silk satin ribbons were purchased from Needles and Thread in Gettysburg, PA. Antique white millinery flowers were used on the exterior and interior of the bonnet. A matching blue ribbon hairnet with blue tassels on the side, created by Beverly Lister, was worn beneath the bonnet.

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