Saturday, January 18, 2014

1860s Christmas Ball

We were so happy to have my brother's lovely girlfriend, Amy, join us at the ball. Above (right), she and her friend Becca (left) pose with their tussie mussies and fur muffs at the end of the evening. Because we didn't have time to arrange our own live flower tussie mussies, we engaged the help of a local florist who put together these lovely flower arrangements.

Amy wore my plaid silk ballgown. One that I had purchased on ebay while in high school. She wore matching gold bracelets, a gold necklace and earring set with moon motifs, and a headdress that I had made to coordinate with the dress. The headdress was based off of an original seen in Godeys.

Amy's hair was a dream to work with. Hidden beneath the headdress are coiled braids in a giant chignon.

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