Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rock Ford Plantation Event

Several months ago I attended another lovely 'Second Sunday' living history at Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA. Their next event will be on October 12th and will explore the topic of death and dyeing in Federal America.

For the event I made myself a new sheer dress and silk robe. I wore it with the coral jewelry set that I made for the last event. My mother made herself a new sleeveless spencer to match a bonnet purchased from Jenny D'Onofrio of Mason-Dixon Sewing Co.. We didn't plan to match but I didn't mind that our color palettes were the same.

I draped this pattern to look like the 'Patterns of Fashion' by Janet Arnold c.1795-1803 robe.


  1. You are both glowing! Beautiful dresses, beautiful women! The copper color suits you both! Great job :D

  2. Your robe is stunning! I envy your sewing skills. I can't wait to finish my own regency wardrobe someday. If I'm lucky I'll still be living close enough to visit Rock Ford Plantation!