Monday, November 10, 2014

Welbourne 1864: Friday Breakfast

Above: Gaye and Nancy in their wrappers and day caps.

Friday morning of the event at Welbourne Plantation was started with a formal breakfast in the dining room. Breakfast at Welbourne is always a treat! The food prepared by the kitchen staff is absolutely delicious and conversation with friends is delightful.

Here are a few pictures from Friday morning's breakfast.

Cheyney awoke at 5am to start preparations for the day's meals! Her meals were sooo delicious! She is such a pleasure to reenact with - in character and out her humor makes my sides hurt with laughter.

Lovely ladies waiting for breakfast to be prepared.

Anita wearing her Beth Miller sheer dress. I love this picture of her in the sitting room!

Carol and Cheyney.


Carol's dressmaking skills were needed to fix Anita's dress.

Carol in her beautiful wool wrapper. 

Nancy reading in the library.


  1. Lovely pictures! Wish I had an event like this. :) I don't often have the chance to wear my 1860s clothing any more.

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  2. Oh what a wonderfully delightful event! Everone looks lovely in their wrappers (?) and it looks as though breakfast was delicious!