Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Welbourne 1865

One workshop followed another on Saturday afternoon at Welbourne. Our second workshop was a parasol recovering tutorial led by Jenny D'Onofrio of The Needleworkers. Here are a few more pictures from Saturday afternoon at Welbourne.

I love all of the period details sitting about the house. Here a stereoviewer - used to see images in 3-D - sits by a stack of stereoview cards while period fashion magazines and poetry books sit scattered about.

Jenny operates her original sewing machine during the parasol workshop.

Notice the beautiful soutache braid on the sleeves of Jenny's Garibaldi bodice.

Lori helped me to dismantle some large tassels to remake into smaller tassels as we listened to Jenny's talk.

Jenny explains how to string the spokes of the parasol together to create the desired tension on the spokes and shape of the parasol before creating a pattern.

I couldn't miss out on capturing another image of Gaye's details. It's all in the details.

My mother, Nancy, poses outside in her red silk dress and newly retrimmed Marie Stewart bonnet.

Gaye poses in front of the house so that I can capture some images of the dress that she will wear for the evening - a velvet basque bodice and silk skirt made by Beth Miller Hall of Gettysburg.

Gaye wears an original gold hair comb with pearl accents in her hair and an original collar on her bodice.

A gold watch chain hangs about her neck attached to a pocket watch tucked into the waistband of her skirt. Often dresses had tiny pockets at the waist specifically to hold the pocket watch.

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