Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1860s Silk Corset

I've been sewing like mad lately. I realized that when a friend asked me what I did all weekend and it pretty much included "In the morning, I sewed, after lunch, I sewed...and while Vince was out in the evening, I sewed."

But I've been working on lots of fun projects!

One of my favorites is an 1860s Silk Corset, and a White Cotton Coutil Corset. I'm making two. :) My Beth Miller corset has given me years of pleasure, but it's about to bite the dust. I've been dying to make a corset for ages.

I made one corset before using the Past Patterns kit and directions, but I was unhappy with the results. This time I'm armed with new directions and a pattern drafted from my Beth Miller corset. :)

Notice the supplies above - the silk cost me $0.50 + Tax. Isn't that wonderful?!?

Laying out the pattern pieces

So far I've gotten all of the pieces sewn together. Now for all of the finishing details!
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  1. beautiful! i've been needing a new corset for a long time now. but i just haven't gotten around to making one yet. i like the idea of making two (a fancy and a basic one) at once! hm... i would love a silk corset for ball and parties! :)