Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finished 18th Century Attire

18th Century Attire

My revamped 18th century attire was finished just in time for the Revolutionary War reenactment I attended this past weekend. Quite a few changes were made. The Pink Linen Skirt was lengthened (I dislike short skirts!). The Printed Cotton Jacket was taken apart in almost every spot and remade. I made it slightly larger so the stomacher could close tighter, added the slashes at the front of the jacket, and also at the center back point, lengthened the stomacher, and added eyelet holes to lace the front. And I found some pale pink ribbon at JoAnns to replace the bright pink ribbon (thanks for the advice!).

The Cap is made of Cotton Organdy from the JPRyan pattern.

I made a hip/bum roll of striped cotton to support the skirts. I like the shape it added.

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  1. Very nice! Did you use a pattern for the bum roll? I used to know someone who had a book with all the different shapes uses through the different eras to make patterns from, but am no longer in contact with them. I used to have one for the 1840s, but have since gotten rid of it. I need one for the 1860s, one that could be worn with my cage, or without to avoid the flat-butt look I seem to get.

  2. Hey Chandra!

    I drafted my own was pretty easy. I just measured the width I thought I'd want, and the length to go around my hips and made it curved to fit around my hips. A piece of hem tape was sewn along the waist edge and ties in front.

    But a pattern is available with Simplicity's 3727 pattern. That would probably be a good pattern to use!

  3. Very cute! I love it. I really like the pointed tail in the back.

  4. You really looked lovely Lindsey!