Thursday, December 17, 2009

As Vince and I plan to join a new Civil War reenacting unit, after reenacting together for almost 10 years, I feel a twinge of sadness at the friends that I am no longer privileged to reenact with. Friends that I've met over the years who have since moved on in their lives. Their busy schedules can no longer allow the time for reenacting pleasures.

Above is an early reenacting pictures. These ladies are truly lovely and a pleasure to spend time with! This was taken after a fashion show - that's why I'm scandalously clad in an evening dress during the daytime! My mother is in the olive dress. Carol and Tina are our other friends. What good times we had together!

This is my very good friend, Gaye. Fortunately Gaye and I have stayed in touch. This is a perfect Southern Lady! She's charming and polite and perfect in every way! Always attired in the most proper and beautiful of outfits. This is the woman who taught me to love authenticity so dearly!

This couple inspired our excitement for research! Tom and Janice. They own a very large collection of Civil War era CDVs. We've spent countless evenings at their home pouring over CDVs while Tom banters excitedly about his recent historic purchases. What fun!

I just thought you might enjoy looking at their excellent reenacting wardrobes. I started out reenacting with these ladies (and gentlemen) and feel so honored to have had the opportunity to learn from people who really care about authentically portraying those who lived before us.
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