Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Regency Dress Thoughts

I'm sorry for my lack of interesting posts! I have been a busy bee lately with Holiday Decorating, travelling home for an early Christmas with my family, and working at a fabric store (fun!). The house is all decorated for Christmas now and it's time to begin sewing once more! At the top of the list is a White Sheer Silk Organza Dress to coordinate with the White Silk Regency Pelisse (that I still need to photograph to show you!). I'm still determining the pattern that I will use. It's looking like I may have to draft my own. But I'm wishing that there was an easier way out. (P.S. The above picture is from another Regency dress project, not the current one.)

I know it's not just me. How many of you love to collect patterns because it makes it look as if sewing is so easy? With their beautiful glossy pictures on the front it seems as if all you have to do is select the fabric and then sit down for a few minutes and "whala" you have an amazing finished garment. But for me, at least, sewing is the boring, mundane, dull and tedious part that I dislike! The research, designing, and patterning stage is my favorite. I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping to someday develop a passion for the sewing part!
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  1. Oh, I love the sewing part! When it all comes together...

    And it is so restful and meditative (except for the parts where you have deadlines and are up at 3 in the morning swearing and unpicking seams!)

  2. So many people tell me how relaxing it is for them! I get so bored! :( I hope that I can one day find it more relaxing and enjoyable, too! :)

  3. I actually pretty much hate sewing. It's the planning, sourcing materials, and the finished product that I enjoy! Occasionally some pattern development--but only when the mood strikes. I had a blast re-working my stays pattern last winter...but everything since then has involved significantly more whining before I finally got it done.

    -Katie Jacobs

  4. Katie, thank you so much for you comment! I makes me feel a lot better to know that I'm not the only one who loves historical clothing but doesn't exactly enjoy sewing reproductions! Yeah, occasionally I have my moments when it is super enjoyable, but usually I struggle to sit at the machine and sew rather than run to the bookshelf or computer to do more research for another costume idea!