Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rock Ford Christmas

I'm living vicariously through my mother again! Since moving to Pittsburgh I am still in the process of locating museums and living history events to attend in period costume, so for now you'll have to see pictures from all the events that my mother attends!

This weekend Historic Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania hosted a Christmas Candlelight Tour. My mother, a docent at the museum, participated. She is pictured above in the green sheer dress. Her role this year was to help a docent portraying Mrs. Edward Hand, the lady of the plantation, to dress for the evening. 'Mrs. Hand' is on the right in a shift, silk stays, quilted petticoat, and bedgown. My mother told me some fancy name for the bedgown...she thought it was called a nighttrail? I've never heard of this before. What is the proper term for a long bedgown style jacket like this?

Choosing a gown for the evening.

Mom's sheer dress was patterned by me, based off of the same original dress as Pam's dress further down in this post. I'm in the process of patterning a new style of regency dress with a bib front. It's similar to the bib front gown in 'Patterns of Fashion'.
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  1. What fun! I adore your mother's gown. It's gorgeous.

  2. Did you try contacting Fort Ligonier, or the Compass Inn in Ligonier for possible events? Also, Bedford Village may be a venue for you to check into for reenacting events not too far from Pittsburgh.

  3. Thanks for the ideas about places to look for reenactment/living history events!