Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mourning James Buchanan

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania friends and family of President James Buchanan gathered at his home, Wheatland, to mourn his passing. The body was on display in the hallway for loved ones to pay their last respects.

Audrey looking lovely in her printed cotton dress.

My mother portrayed one of the family members.

Jennie Walton as Harriet Lane stands with several other mourners.
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  1. I love the sleeves on Audrey's dress. Do you happen do know if she used a particular pattern?

  2. This dress was made for Audrey by Beth Miller. I believe it's actually a gathered sleeve with shirring at the top - it just looks different because she has a black band tied around the arm for mourning. You could use a pattern like the Peachtree dress pattern by Fig Leaf Patterns. That also has a gathered sleeve with fullness controlled at the top with shirring. http://www.figleafpatterns.com/ItemDetail.php?ItemIdx=20&PHPSESSID=d0228a444208d50e0418bbd1004e07e0

    1. Great! Thank you for the reply and for your suggestions. :)