Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welbourne 1863: Silk Wrapper

My mother, Nancy, created this beautiful silk wrapper, or robe, to wear at Welbourne. The wrapper color scheme was inspired by one original wrapper, and the design was inspired by another. The pattern for the wrapper was the same as the one that I had made when creating my blue silk wrapper. The fuchsia silk trim was cut with no seam allowance and applied to the gold silk. A black trim was then applied to the outer edges. This is the same method used on the original wrapper. We chose to have her wrapper skirt open at the front to expose the decorative petticoat beneath.

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  1. So lovely! I got to hear about this wrapper firsthand from your mother and it's great to see the pictures of it... I think I like it better than the original! :D

  2. What a beauty -- and the wrapper is nice too! Congrats to you both on your admirable needle skills! The original is nice, but I do like your color updates!