Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welbourne 1863

It's only been a week since Welbourne and I miss is terribly already. I'm not sure how I'm going to get through another year without seeing all of my lovely friends. Here are a few more pictures from the weekend. Since we were to be in first person for the majority of the event, photography was discouraged, so I have very few photos of the clothing. Next year I hope to get more photos out-of-doors - hopefully it won't rain again all weekend.

Since it was raining all weekend, I wore mostly wool dresses, which kept me warm and dry, even on excursions around the grounds. Above, I am wearing my black wool dress with my 95" circumference cage crinoline for easier movement indoors.

My friend, Gaye in a beautiful cotton dress made by the talented Beth Miller Hall.


My mother, Nancy, in the silk dress that she recently created. The details on it are gorgeous. She wore this to attend the wedding on Saturday.

To attend the wedding I wore my grey silk skirt with the day dress bodice. The bodice had to be refit since it was last worn in high school. It actually needed to be taken in since it was always a little big on me. It was enjoyable to fix up a dress that I would otherwise not wear.

White ribbon was box-pleated and attached inside the pagoda sleeves as was seen on many period originals. Silk organza undersleeves and a collar were made for the dress, and a new headdress was made to pull out the perriwinkle color in the grey silk.


Gaye in another lovely dress. This one is a velvet basque bodice with silk skirt.

Ladies chat after the Sunday worship service.

Andrea knitting in the parlor.

Victoria in her beautiful red striped cotton dress.

I wish that I had gotten better pictures of the weekend to share with you!
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  1. Oh these are lovely, don't worry, Lindsey! I adore your grey silk! All you ladies are looking beautiful! I do wish that you had gotten pictures of the wedding, but oh well!


  2. These are really beautiful photos and such lovely gowns on everyone. What a beautiful place for a living history setting! It almost makes me want to try reenacting again - now I'm feeling inspired to make up the green plaid wool I've had for the last two years.

  3. Ruth, here are some pictures from the wedding preparations that were taken by a Middleburg photographer:

  4. Having been freezing cold in the snow with wet feet at Welbourne, this post is very welcome. Lovely.