Thursday, November 27, 2014

Welbourne 1864: Friday Dinner

Friday's dinner at Welbourne was fantastic! Our cook, Cheyney, woke up very early and worked all day preparing the food. She did an amazing job - the food was very delicious.

Prior to dinner we waited in the sitting room, enjoying the fire and good company.

This dress is one of my favorites that my mother has made. The trim style is based off of an original dress.

For this year's event I focused on using fabrics from my stash. This red-blue shot silk has been in my collection for awhile. I chose to make a skirt to coordinate with my swiss waist and sheer silk organza bodice. I made a pair of wristlets and a matching headdress to wear with it. I wish that I had better pictures of the details to share! The headdress has antique jet bead tassels on it and the wristlets are black piped with the red-blue shot silk and have a jet bead center. I will make a matching bodice for this skirt sometime.


  1. Your sheer bodice is gorgeous, I love the black details. And I'm in love with your mother's dress!