Friday, December 5, 2014

Welbourne 1864: Saturday Morning

A typical Saturday morning at Welbourne in the 1860s was surely not as exciting as the Saturdays that I've spent at Welbourne the past few Octobers. After a delicious breakfast we hurry upstairs to change for the day. Our favorite photographer, Jim Pfeiffer usually visits to make our images as a group and as individuals. This year I had two images made - one with my mother and one by myself. It's always a treat to work with Jim and his images are very artistically composed and absolutely stunning.

Lori wore a beautiful red wrapper and looked adorable with her little girl (above).

Gaye and Anita have a discussion in the entryway.

This year we spent much time on the back porch sewing. It was peaceful and serene.

Gaye had her image struck by the photographer.

The trim on my mother's dress, above right, was inspired by an original period image in the book "Who Wore What?" by Juanita Leisch. Her earrings and brooch are original coral grape clusters.

Gaye's bonnet, above left, was made by Beverly Lister.

Both of these ladies do a fantastic job with their impressions! It is always such a pleasure to reenact with them - it feels like I am stepping back in time!

During the day I wore this royal blue wool dress with black velvet greek key trim. I will post more pictures of it soon!

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