Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Welbourne 1864: Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings at Welbourne always start out with breakfast followed by a church service. This Sunday was no different. Afterwards we took scenic carriage rides to view the beautiful fall leaves in the country. More pictures from Sunday to come.

Jess's dress trim is made from the Civilian Symposium (1860s Conference in Harrisburg) fabric. Each year the speakers make dresses out of the same fabric. It is a fabulous exercise to see the different styles of dresses that can be made from one fabric. Jess's dress is based off of an original from a CDV.

My mother in a wool dress with silk rosettes with silk covered button centers. Inspired by an original dress. Her skirt is knife pleated.

Here you can better see the new net made by Beverly Lister. I asked her to make it more elaborate than the standard net styles that she makes. I think that it turned out really beautifully.

I made myself two new wool dresses for this event. This fabric I had purchased on my first fabric shopping trip to Philadelphia - back in high school! It was nice to finally make this dress. I had originally planned a simple dress with no trim but once I started making it I couldn't help but want to add contrasting cording to set it off. I have seen contrasting cording on a few originals - it is very rare.

I made myself a pleated hair ribbon to wear with this dress. It was an easy project to do. I formed millinery wire in a circle and wrapped it with strips of fuchsia silk fabric. I then pleated velvet ribbon and stitched it to the base. I added a bow at the center back and a bow at the side with tails and matching tassels.

I love all of these hairnets! Dannielle is wearing a new style of hairnet that she is offering at Timely Tresses - I want one!

Dannielle's apron was made by Kara Bartels of Corner Clothiers. It matched her dress perfectly! There are rosettes down the front of her dress and also on the apron.

It's always so lovely to reenact with ladies who put so much effort into the authenticity of their impressions.


  1. Oh, how beautiful everyone looks. I bet you all had a wonderful time. This event has been on my wish list for a few years now. Can't wait to see more pictures. :)

  2. It's a lovely event! The grounds are so beautiful in fall and it's fun to have an event to wear both day and evening clothes to.