Sunday, March 29, 2015

Silk Regency Dress

Back in the fall I made this silk regency dress to wear to a living history day at Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA...and then I never posted pictures of it! I'm committed to eventually posting pictures of my creations on this blog...hopefully someday I'll get better at blogging!

This dress is made from beautiful silk taffeta from Renaissance Fabrics. I've come to love their silk selection and excellent customer service.

This pattern was based off of an original silk dress from Pennsylvania. I've used this pattern for a number of dresses because it's a great style for the 1795-1805 years portrayed by docents at Rock Ford Plantation. Fashion in these years was very transitional and dresses still had a good amount of fullness in the bodices and skirts. This dress bodice has a fitted lining in the back with the silk gathered in place while the front has no lining and a drawstring at both neckline and below the bust. This is how the original was made.

Above, my mother, Nancy, wears a dress that I created from the same pattern.

Two ladies sew in the formal parlor at Rock Ford.

In the informal parlor bulbs are prepared for spring.

My mother made this lovely red wool mantle with silk lining and pom pom fur trim. I want one!

Here are a few more pictures of my dress taken in the dining room.


  1. I truly love looking at your wonderful pictures! Your new dress is very beautiful! The color looks very fabulous on you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences!

  2. What a gorgeous color of silk! I always love seeing a colored regency dress in the usual sea of white muslin dresses out there. Beautiful and inspiring work!

  3. Very lovely! What specific pattern did you use?

  4. I made my own pattern by draping muslin on a dress form. It is based off of an original silk dress from Pennsylvania.