Monday, March 30, 2015

Yuletide at Rock Ford Plantation

Over Christmas I had the opportunity to volunteer at Rock Ford Plantation for their Yuletide events. Christmas events at historical museums are always lovely, and Christmas at Rock Ford is one of the most charming presentations I've seen. The dining room table is always set with the most decadent food display, the rooms are lit by candlelight after dark, the air is filled with live harp music and the hallways are alive with dancers rustling beautiful silk clothing. The ambiance is magical. Here are a few pictures - better late than never, right?

I wore my sheer silk organza gown with the orange silk robe. Both pieces are based off of originals from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion. I created a stole with black fur to keep me toasty warm.

My mother's gown and robe are based off of the same patterns. We have similar tastes in modern and historical clothing! Her dress is made of an embroidered cotton.

The informal parlor bathed in candlelight.

Paper chains were used as holiday decorations in the informal parlor.

The formal parlor.

In the evening we dressed in fancy attire, during the day we worked below stairs in the kitchen. My mother has been hearth cooking for years. I enjoy tagging along when I get the chance. This time we kept it simple and made beef vegetable soup and potato rolls. Yum!

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