Monday, May 18, 2015

May Fair at Rock Ford Plantation

Over Mother's Day weekend I spent time in Lancaster, Pennsylvania at Rock Ford Plantation's May Fair living history. This event was part of their Second Sundays special programing. Usually the museum represents the mid-1790s to 1805 when the Hand family lived in the house. But, for this event we wore 1770s clothing. I used the opportunity to finish up a blue silk dress that I had started four years ago - whew, so glad that it's finally finished! I used a bodice pattern that I draped based on an original.

Since I knew that I wouldn't have time to add trim to the dress, I purchased this antique mother-of-pearl fan on Etsy and this pearl necklace and earring set from Dames a la Mode on Etsy. I couldn't be more pleased with this stunning necklace and earring set! The black straw hat was purchased from Miller's Millinery.

We enjoyed dancing around the Maypole.

We had our palms read by the fortune teller.

Pam wore her beautiful white dress. She always looks stunning.

Lynette Miller of Miller's Millinery was beautifully attired in a dress from a Colonial Williamsburg print fabric. She also had many lovely hats for sale in her sutlery.

Various vendors and demonstrators showcased crafts of the last quarter of the 1700s.

Rock Ford's dance group demonstrated various dances of the 18th century.

My mother made her own dress and trimmed this straw hat.

My mother and I both purchased our silk organza caps from Arachneattire on Etsy. I am so pleased with the way that they turned out. This maker was so nice to work with and does stunning work!

My mother made herself this new silk dress for the event and purchased this antique parasol to go with it.

Her hat was purchased from Miller's Millinery. The coral jewelry set was made by Kristen from The Victorian Needle on Etsy.

Since I didn't have time to make myself two new outfits for this event I opted to wear very different accessories each day. I made this ivory silk satin and red silk taffeta hat and rhinestone and red silk jewelry and sash to wear on Sunday. I also painted my American Duchess shoes red.

It was a lovely event and I was so glad that I had the chance to attend!


  1. Wow! Beautiful shots. Thank you.

  2. I love the red accessories with your outfit! It's really eye-catching!