Monday, November 30, 2015

Regency Sleeveless Spencer

Two summers ago, inspired by the beautiful Regency era sleeveless spencers researched and produced by Natalie of A Frolic Through Time and Jenni of Living with Jane, I urged my mother to make herself a sleeveless spencer to match her silk bonnet made by Jenny D'Onofrio of The Needleworkers. This summer, when I should have been throwing all of my efforts into packing to move, I borrowed the pattern to create my own sleeveless spencer. I also made a bonnet to match.  It was fun to use someone else's patterns for a change! My mother did an excellent job of writing step-by-step instructions...which I did not follow at all but admired just the same! I'm not sure why I didn't capture side and back views...the spencer has a peplum at the back and the bonnet has pinked coral box pleated silk trim with a coral silk bow. I wore a vintage coral necklace. My mother's beautiful cameo jewelry was created by In the Long Run.

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