Monday, November 2, 2015

Immortal Beauty Exhibit at Drexel University, Philadelphia

Haircomb. Circa 1905. American.

While visiting Philadelphia I had the opportunity to see the exhibit Immortal Beauty: Highlights from the Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection. Here are pictures of a few of my favorite pieces from the exhibit.

Belt. Circa 1902. American.

Gold belt with cut-steel details.

James Galanos. Evening Gown. 1959. American.

I love the design lines of this dress! It's the little details that make it fabulous.

Charles James. Evening Gown. 1948. American.

Charles James was such an inspiring designer. The lines of this gown are gorgeous. The black velvet bodice has a waist seam and the fabric above the waist is draped from the center front around the body to the center back. It was nearly impossible to photograph this detail. The velvet over the hips is a separate piece (from the bodice). So stunning!

Jessie Franklin Turner. Evening Gown. 1932. American.

This evening gown is a champagne pink with champagne colored detailing - piping at the top of the bodice, down the back strip, and a separate ruffle under the skirt hem that peeks out 1/4". The silk satin fabric is sumptuous!

The design lines and the lacing at the bodice front of this dress felt very theatrical to me - in a good way!

Left: Melanie Pascaud. Dinner Dress. 1878. French.
Right: Charles Frederick Worth. Mantle. 1883. French.

The details on this dress are just stunning! That neckline trim! The ruffles on that train!

Left: Evening Gown. Circa 1808. American.
Right: Day Dress worn a la polonaise. Circa 1780. American.

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