Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Welbourne 1865

On Friday morning of the 1865 Welbourne immersion event in Middleburg, VA we were all excited to take a walk out to the pasture to visit the horses. Taking country walks and enjoying the fall leaves is one of my favorite pastimes at this event. This year I wore my lightweight blue wool dress once again with my orange silk bonnet and original parasol and paisley shawl. Below are a few pictures from the morning.

My mother purchased this silk bonnet on eBay and trimmed it with beautiful antique ribbon. Once she was finished I realized that I had some velvet in my stash that would match the ribbon perfectly so she made herself a new paletot from it.

Above: Jess Craig feeds apples to the horses. Jess made her bonnet at an Originals By Kay workshop and the mantle at a Genteel Arts workshop. Both are stunning!

Above: Keri cuts apples for the horses. I love her fall colors!

Above: Jess and Nancy bond with a horse.

Above: Corinne and Nancy admire the horses.

Above: Gaye and Glenda enjoy lunch after working all morning in the kitchen to prepare the afternoon meal.

Above: A black silk Marie Stewart style bonnet is trimmed with antique ribbon and feathers. To the right is an antique velvet needle case.

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