Sunday, December 27, 2015

Yuletide at Rock Ford Plantation

This weekend Rock Ford Plantation is hosting Yuletide Candlelight Tours. The house is bedecked with fresh greens and candles flicker in every room. The dining room table is set for a lavish dessert course, and there is live music and dancing in the hallways. Below stairs the aroma of freshly prepared foods wafts from the kitchen. If you're in the area, stop by Rock Ford Plantation to join in the festivities! The house is open today, Sunday, December 27th from 4-8pm, Monday from 4-8pm and Tuesday from 11-3pm.

I've been getting good use out of my sheer silk regency dress lately. I wore it yesterday with a green shawl with gold trim and a gold and coral festoon necklace. The headdress I made from brass laurel leaves. This dress was based on an original from the book Patterns of Fashion by Janet Arnold.

My mother wore a dress based on the same pattern and made from an embroidered white cotton fabric. She accessorized her dress with a red shawl with gold trim and spangles and a gold festoon necklace and earrings.

The dancers were beautifully attired. Above, Glenda Jardel dances with Tom Gehr and Cindy Gehr dances with Mark Jardel. Cindy's dress on the right was made from the Past Patterns 1796-1806 Empire Gown Pattern.

Pam Stoner dances with Tom Gehr.

Dancers receive instruction from dance master Ken Pandozzi.

Nancy Koch and Janice Barr lead the set.

Glenda Jardel looking stunning, as always. She wears a Dames a la Mode necklace.

Nancy Bradley wore a lovely cotton dress made from the Nehelenia 1797 Chemise Dress Pattern. Below you can see the back of the dress with pleating at the neckline.

Stop by Rock Ford Plantation today to see more beautiful dresses
 and participate in the festivities!

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  1. You look absolutely lovely! The laurel wreath is a beautiful addition to your gown. Thanks for sharing your pictures!