Friday, January 22, 2016

Welbourne 1865

After breakfast on Saturday morning at Welbourne Plantation we mingled on the back porch awaiting our turns to have our tintype portrait made by the talented Mr. Jim Pfeiffer, Traveling Tintypist.

Lori wore a beautiful new wool dress with asymmetrical bodice that made herself.

After some tintypes were made Carol (in royal blue) hosted a sewing workshop in my mother's bedroom. Since the bedroom was so large and had more than enough tables and chairs we were happy to play hostesses to the workshop. Carol did a fantastic job of teaching us how to make sewing boxes.

Carol helps Andrea to get started on her box.

Gaye always has beautiful details - she wears an original Broderie Anglaise collar and her lovely hairnet was made by Beverly Lister.

Gaye's sewing basket even has her character's name tied to it - Harriet.

The double pointed bodice and knife pleated sleeve trim on my mother's dress was based off of an original. Her dress is made of silk. She wore an original micro mosaic brooch and original gold bracelets with the dress. She also accessorized it with an original black Chantilly lace shawl.

Another lovely hairnet made by our friend Beverly Lister.

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