Friday, January 22, 2016

Welbourne 1865

On Saturday of our gathering at Welbourne Plantation we started the morning off with a delicious breakfast prepared by the staff. There are always many lovely wrappers (morning robes) and caps and hair nets on display. It takes time to dress for breakfast. All undergarments - including a corset - are worn under the wrapper. A hoop and petticoats can be worn with a wrapper, or a wrapper can be worn with just petticoats beneath. Jewelry is often worn with the wrapper. The hair must be fixed. Often a morning cap is worn over the hair, although a lady's etiquette manual of the time advised that a cap is not necessary when the hair is nicely arranged.

Wrappers of the Victorian era are very fascinating to study because they were often made of loud patterns and colors in fine silks, wools, or sheer cottons. They are often ornamented with a plethora of trim. Many extant garments survive and no two wrappers look alike. Sometimes it is possible to find a wrapper depicted in a period fashion magazine that looks similar to an existing original.

Enjoy the pictures of many of the reproduction wrappers worn at Welbourne!


  1. A nice reminder of all the lovely wrappers worn at Welbourne.

  2. Simply wonderful! Could you please share a little more about this event? Private or public? Where is it?

  3. This event is hosted by the Atlantic Guard Soldiers Aid Society - I believe that it is considered invite only...although anyone can request an invitation. There are no spectators at the event. It is held at a B&B in Middleburg, VA. I wish that there were more events like it!