Monday, April 6, 2015

Original Bustle Dresses

I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of several of the original bustle dresses from CMU's historical clothing collection as they were sitting in the shop waiting to be used in a costume history class a few weeks ago. There are so many gems in our historical clothing collection!

Above: The insides of a bustle era wedding dress are as beautiful as the exterior. The bodice is completely lined in striped silk and the seam allowance edges are finished by folding the excess seam allowances from the fashion fabric and silk lining fabric in on each other and stitching closed. I've never seen this done before - what a lovely idea! I also love the bias cut striped bone casings!

I love the lines on this purple silk bustle dress.

Stunning pleated trim and delicate silk buttons.

The cuffs are to-die-for!

Look at the adorable bow right at the center back - so pretty!

The hem is a work of art!

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