Sunday, November 1, 2015

Historic Rock Ford Plantation

Attending Historic Rock Ford Plantation's Second Sunday events was easily one of the highlights of my summer! One of my favorite program's was their 18th Century Gardening living history. The garden at Rock Ford Plantation is very well researched and maintained. Many of the regular gardeners were on hand to discuss gardening techniques of the time period.

My mother and I volunteered to arrange flowers on the front porch. My mother always has a fresh flower arrangement on her own dining room table with flowers from her own gardens so it seemed like the perfect activity for us. It was fun to study and reproduce flower arrangements of the late 18th century.

My mother wore her linen gown with sleeveless silk spencer. The bonnet was created by Jenny D'Onofrio.

I wore my sheer white cotton dress with coral jewelry by Victorian Needle and a new silk shawl.

With moving, getting a puppy and sewing an 1860s Bathing Costume (which I hope to share pictures of soon!) I didn't have much time to sew new things this summer! Here's to hoping that next summer will include some new dresses to wear to Rock Ford!

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