Monday, January 4, 2016

Welbourne 1865

Evenings at Welbourne are always magical. Excellent menus, resplendently dressed company, and after dinner entertainment make cherished memories. Before dinner we mingled in the hallway, admiring each other's fine silk dresses. Because the year was 1865 we dressed in our best silk day gowns for evening rather than evening gowns which may have been damaged or stolen during the war.

Above: I loved Lori's fantastic original snake belt buckle and brooch! She always has the best details!

Above: The beautiful pleated hairnet that my mother, Nancy, wore was made by Timely Tresses.

Above: Jenny D'Onofrio of The Needleworkers wore a lovely asymmetrical bodice dress.

Above: Gaye always looks like she's stepped back in time.

Lori's black and fuchsia silk taffeta jacket was based directly off of an original.

I wore a swiss waist ensemble once again. I need to make myself a new evening dress for next year!

Above: My mother's dress was based off of an original - I love the trim!


  1. Wow! Everyone is so beautifully dressed! This looks so lovely...

  2. It looks like a delightful event!

  3. Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. You can find out more here -

  4. Did you sew both dresses? Both dresses are beautiful, of course. Yet your swiss waist ensemble caught my eye from the start!

  5. I always do the research and determine the design of my mother's dresses and she sews them. It works out really well because I have way more research on original dresses that I want to recreate one day than I will ever have time to sew them all (or occasions to wear them to)! And I sew my own dresses, of course. Thanks for your compliments!